A big part of being a bookie is managing your players. They are, after all, your customers. You earn from them, every time they place a bet. You also look at their activity and betting behaviors to see if you should be earning more. Or, if you are losing money on them. Because that can happen, too. It won’t happen always. But you should at least know what to look out for to see when you will need to let go of players in your sportsbook.

Thankfully, you do have your bookie pay per head software to help you with this. Remember that your provider gives you all of the tools that you need to run your sportsbook well, and this includes player management.

Let Go of Your Players in Your Sportsbook

If you read this guide to bookie pay per head services, you can use it to help you find the feature to help you with managing your players. You can generate reports to see each player’s information. You can track wagers given a certain time period. Once you do this, you can see which players are making you lose money. And, you will also see which ones are helping you earn more.

As a pay per head bookie, you can easily adjust any limits that you give to your players, or delete them from your sportsbook totally. These are the two most common adjustments that are done to players with suspicious activity. You can decrease their betting limits to an amount that you are comfortable risking, or low enough to discourage them from betting on your sportsbook. However, you can take a stronger stance and cut them off completely from accessing your sportsbook should they prove to violate any of your sportsbook’s rules.

When to Let Go

When to Let Go of Players in Your SportsbookIf you look at your players’ wagers, you will notice that the amounts made are very similar- $10, $12, $15, $20, and so on. If you see a player with wagers such as $14.83, $28.02, and so on, they are most likely arbitrage bettors. These types of bettors are very specific with their bets as these are mathematically proven to give them a profit. Kind of like reading cards, in casino games.

Sometimes, players win all the time. It could be luck, but its most likely skill. If you think that these players, by winning all the time, are taking a chunk of your profits, then you can decrease their limits as well. These could be professional bettors, sharps even, so always be aware of the limits you set with these players. Of course, there are other, more common reasons to remove players from your sportsbook: inactivity, rude and/or threatening behavior, failure to pay (for those with credit), and other common issues.

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