Sports betting has seasons, and as a bookie, its your job to know this. There will be a peak season where you will be seeing a record-number of wagers. On the other hand, you will be seeing some months when bets will be slow. This should be something to consider when you are planning your financials. Your bookie pay per head software is more than capable of generating reports that you can use to determine the trends in your sportsbook. So now, let us take a look, and find out what is popular in your sportsbook now.

We are in early March, towards the end of winter. Generally, winter is a very busy season for bookies. If you look at the available events in your per head sportsbook, you will see a lot more now, than you would in the summer.

What is Popular in Your Sportsbook Now

What is Popular in Your Sportsbook Now?Of course, March brings March Madness into mind. This month, we will be seeing the conference finals of the many that make up NCAA basketball. This culminates in the very popular March Madness events, from Sweet Sixteen, down to the championship game. Basketball is the second most popular sport in sportsbooks, so expect a lot of action here.

Likewise, your software sportsbook provider will also be giving your players a lot of betting options from NBA games. We are well into the current NBA season, and their games are always very popular. You also have the NHL, which is also popular for sports bettors in North America.


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