What Do Your Players Bet OnWe are at the divisional round playoffs of the NFL season. Betting on football is gaining more action than ever. This will continue on until the Super Bowl in February. Of course, keeping track of bookie news is one of the most important ways you can maintain the accuracy of your sportsbook. Next, is knowing the answer to the question: what do your players bet on?

And if you look at your pay per head software, there is a feature where you can pull up reports on your sportsbook to see how you are doing. You can configure this to generate specific data, but this is one tool you should be using. Especially when you are expecting a lot of action in the coming weeks.

Most pay per head reviews will tell you that most sites offer the same features. And to some degree, they are. But by personalizing your sportsbook, you have the opportunity to stand out.  And this will help you be able to compete with the top sportsbooks in the market. This is especially true if you are offering attractive lines. And so far in the playoffs, a lot of wagers are available with a variety of betting options. Let’s find out what most players bet on.

What Do Your Players Bet On?

So far, among the divisional playoff games, the game between the Vikings and the 49ers is the most bet on. They are the favorite match up with the point spread, prop bets, as well as player props. San Francisco has more than half of the point spread wagers. Meanwhile, another Saturday game is raking in wagers as well, with the Ravens taking almost 60% of the wagers on the point spread.

Majority of the wagers for this round of the NFL focuses on the most common bets, the point spread, moneyline as well as over/under wagers. But for each playoff game, there are a lot of props offered that do have value for bettors. For example, in the Minnesota versus San Francisco game, you have wagers on the passing yards of Jimmy Garoppolo, as well as the rushing yards of Dalvin Cook, among others. As for favorites on which team will win the Super Bowl, you have the Ravens, the 49ers, and the Chiefs as favorites. And since the Super Bowl is still a few games away, there’s still time for lines to change, and for prop bets to come out. It will give a lot of people from anywhere, even Raymond Cruz Costa Rica, to place their NFL bets.