The race for sports betting in the US has been on since last year. At least, in terms of states catching up with the industry. A lot of established operators such as Price Per Player have been operating for years. They have always known about the potential of a US betting market. The gambling industry believes that the US could grow into the world’s largest betting market, even. The use of bookie pay per head solutions has also helped a lot of people get into the business. Mainly because they get to enjoy a gambling market on an international level.

Sports Betting in Washington DC

Washington DC Sports bettingIn Washington DC, concerns have been raised due to Intralot’s sketchy operations. A case was filed by a resident of DC because of the highly controversial no bid contract for sports betting. This is a contract that is valued at $215 million. The contract states that the Greek betting tech company Intralot will handle the operations of the online and mobile sports betting industry in DC.

Last month, a judge slapped a temporary restraining order on the deal based on the complaint filed by Dylan Carragher. Carragher wants DC to have a more competitive and proper approach to selecting the contract.

However, Intralot is always getting good deals from the council. Apparently, they seem to be getting good news again. DC Superior Court Judge John Campbell refuses to give out a preliminary injunction that will block Intralot’s deal. Judge Campbell argues that Carragher’s lawsuit will not likely succeed, and that it was within the council’s authority to waive the bidding requirement on competitive bidding. If course, an appeal will be filed by Carragher, but for now, Intralot holds the monopoly on sports betting in DC, and sports betting will be a go, at least for now.