WagerHome.com Bookie Pay Per Head ReviewWagerHome.com has been in business since 2005, and is based in Costa Rica. A few years back, there were some not-so-nice reviews on the provider, but we wanted to take a look at Wager Home. After all, they are still in business, so it must count for something. So for our gambling software reviews, we’re doing a WagerHome.com Bookie Pay Per Head review.

WagerHome.com advertises itself as bookie software made by bookies, so maybe this would mean that the software would be more intuitive than others. As a bookie, you would want your Bookie PPH to have everything you want, and anticipate what you need.

WagerHome.com Pay Per Head Information:

  • Inception: 2005
  • Telephone: 1-877-722-0984
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: No
  • Website: WagerHome.com
  • Software: ASI
  • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, online wagering
  • Price Per Player: $9-$12
  • Private Website Available: Yes

WagerHome.com Pay Per Head Review

In our bookie pay per head reviews, we like doing a little background check on providers- we look for other reviews, and we also look at their sites, blog, social media, and more. Review wise, there are a few that pop up as negative, but the reviews are old.

But looking at their site, we are a bit disappointed to see that its half-baked. Some pages have no content, and that pop up message prompt was a bit too intrusive to us. Their blog has few posts, but the last one was a month ago, so we assume someone still maintains their site. If someone does, they need to do something about their site as it makes us hesitant to try out their service.

But since we want to do a review, we had to. So we sign up and answer a longer form than usual, and wait for a reply to get us registered. It takes a bit longer, which again, is something that other pay per head providers have addressed by giving instant access. Once in, we looked at the services that they offered, and its pretty average.

Let us explain why. They use a proprietary ASI software that while is okay, has nothing really special. If we want more features, we would pay more than the initial $9. For this price point, we could be getting more. Actually, we could be getting a lot more for half the price. Despite the generous 4-week trial, we actually did not finish using it since the features were lacking. We wanted to see features that would help bookies manage their operations better.

Our Recommendation about WagerHome.com

We also wanted to get better lines and be able to easily adjust them. There really are too many small issues that add up to something completely unsatisfactory to us. For a service that is made by bookies, for bookies, we expected so much more. Do we recommend WagerHome.com? No. Why? Because you can have something better at a far less expensive price, rather than a service that is very basic, and a bit outdated.

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