The Possibility of Sports Betting in ConnecticutIn the world of sports betting, talk of sports betting in Connecticut is a bit on the quiet side. But the best pay per head sportsbook has bookies that cater to the Connecticut betting market. So even with demand, why is there no sports betting in the state yet? What are the chances that we will see any legislation on sports betting this year? Will they stick to retail gambling, or move forward with online gambling as well?

But first, we’ll take a look at the current landscape of gambling in Connecticut. There are only two operators in the state. Two tribal casinos have exclusive gaming rights. For this, they give 25% of their revenue from slots to the state. Both the Mashantucket Pequot and the Mohegan Tribe want to add in online gambling. However, since there is still no legislation on this, the request by the tribes was denied.

Sports Betting in Connecticut

Many bookies are enjoying their success with a good sportsbook pay per head. And given the pandemic, offering products and activities that people can do from home is a sound business idea. So much so, that it may work on states as well. In fact, quite a few sports betting laws are passing faster than usual in some states. Many of these bills are bundled with economic development bills that can help the states with their budget deficits during the pandemic.

So far, in Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont supports sports betting. Numerous legislators are on board as well. This suggests that when this year’s legislative session begins, we may see a bill or two that is relevant to the industry. There are currently only two New England states that offer sports betting, and Connecticut may be the next state to have it- as they would not want to be left behind many bookie pay per head sportsbooks and even sportsbooks from neighboring states.