New Jersey is on a streak. The New Jersey sports betting handle for September breaks the record for the multiple straight time, recording an astounding $748 million. It was, after all, a very interesting month for sportsbook pay per head bookies and betting fans. The NBA playoffs were on, the NHL, the MLB, and even the NFL were in action.

The August sports betting handle of New Jersey is $668 million. This gives us a 12.1% month over month. If we look at last year’s numbers, we have a 68% increase in handle from August 2019’s $445.56 million. Considering that we are still in the middle of the pandemic, the numbers are phenomenal. It makes the perfect case for those who want to start a bookie website to go ahead and not wait for the pandemic to end.

New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Breaks Record

The New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Breaks Record AgainNevada used to the state that has the highest sports betting handle. However, over the past year, New Jersey has continued to increase its handle and revenue. Eventually, the Garden State was able to surpass Nevada, and is not the top sports betting state in the country.

Much of the credit goes to a simple policy that allows for sports betting to be easily done. New Jersey has both retail and online sports betting. Not only that, but residents do not need to go to any casino or brick and mortar sportsbook to register. The process to bet in the state is easy, and there are enough sportsbooks to encourage healthy competition.

US Sports Betting in General

Those who want to know how to be a bookie should pay attention to the growth curve of the betting market in the US. Despite a pandemic, despite fiscal issues in some states, there is a large and willing betting market that will be betting as long as there are sports games to bet on. Experts are even anticipating that the US sports betting handle for September could collectively amount to $3 billion- a first for the country.


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