Many who are into sports betting love betting on baseball specifically. There is, after all, a lot of money in baseball betting. America’s favorite pastime is one of the top popular sports people bet on. With online sports betting bookie software, one can place bets from the safety of their homes. If you are getting baseball wagers on your sportsbook, then its important that you understand some of the nuances in baseball betting. So, here is the basic bookie guide to baseball betting.

Before we begin, you should, by now, know the types of wagers that you can offer on baseball. If you look at your baseball lines in your pay per head bookie software, then you will see these wagers. Aside from the moneyline, you also have the run line, popularly known as the point spread. The totals wager is also present, as in any sport. Aside from prop bets, you will also be able to offer the First 5 line, which is basically a wager on the game’s first five innings.

Bookie Guide to Baseball Betting

The Bookie Guide to Baseball BettingWhen looking at baseball games, its not just roster or stats you look at. Many bettors look at the venue, as not all fields are similarly sized. This, believe it or not, has an effect on the game, much like the weather would. Remember that the baseball is small and is thrown at a distance- wind, temperature and humidity will all affect the direction and speed of the ball. As for players, then you have to look at the starting pitcher. The starting pitcher plays such a significant role in a game, that some sportsbooks will even let you list the pitcher you know is scheduled for the game. If the player changes, then you will get the reposted odds, or a refund. Unless you push for the wager regardless of who is pitching first.

As for the wagers unique to baseball, you also need to be careful with totals bets. Total or run line bets are valid when a game has at least 8.5 innings. So, even if the over is reached, or a team wins by a certain score, but the game ended in just 7 innings, you will refund the bets. The regular moneyline bets are graded according to the last full inning. These rules may be different with some, but this is the industry standard that you should always remember. Thankfully, you will have more time to learn more about betting as your bookie pay per head solution will help you run your sportsbook easily.

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