This is probably the first time that the Tennessee betting market is seeing a drop in sports betting handle. But its not such a big deal, considering a lot of other states have been getting the same dip in February. As many in the PayPerHead business know, February is usually a slow month since there are less weekends and less games for people to bet on.

And Tennessee, despite having a strong betting market, is not exempt from this. Both the state’s betting handle and revenue drops in February. The betting handle for the state is at $176.43 million, 16.6.5 lower than January’s $211.3 million. Tennessee has had a great run so far. Their sports betting market has been growing steadily since they launched recently.

Tennessee Sports Betting, the adjusted gross income for the state is $13 million for February, which is 40.4% lower than January’s $21.8 million. The handle for Super Bowl is at $15.4 million, with around $12.6 million in payouts. Many who use the best bookie software say that their software made it easier for them to manage the action on Super Bowl. And with no in-person registration requirements, its very easy to get started on online sports betting.

Currently, Tennessee operates in an online-only sports betting market. So all of the numbers that you see from the state all come from online sportsbooks. These are largely popular especially now that its become easier to place bets on sports without leaving the safety of their homes. For those of you who want to know about getting your own sportsbook, you can check out these bookie pay per head reviews to get recommendations from industry experts.

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