January’s sports betting numbers are great for the state, as sportsbooks in Illinois set a new monthly betting handle record. The numbers are highly encouraging for those who are learning how to become a bookie. The state’s sportsbooks have recorded $867.5 million in wagers for the month of January. Sportsbooks actually did better this month than December by 9.9%. The December betting handle was $789.6 million.

And a perfect example to show the growth of the sportsbook business and industry, the year-on-year numbers are great for Illinois as well. For instance, the current January betting handle for Illinois is actually 49.2% higher than the $581.5 million handle of January 2021. The previous total betting handle record of the state was back in October 2021. State sportsbooks collected $840.4 million in wagers back then.

Mobile Sportsbooks in Illinois Set New Record as Well

Sportsbooks in Illinois Set New Sports Betting RecordThe state’s sports betting industry is also setting a new record for January. Online sportsbooks took in $829.1 million. This is the highest monthly handle that the state has seen, with the last one back in October 2021 ($803.4 million). January’s mobile betting handle is 10.1% higher than December 2021’s $752.9 million. It is also 44.1% higher than January 2021’s $575.2 million.

Many who are getting into the bookie industry are advised to use a white label sportsbook to increase their revenue without having to spend much capital. The industry, after all, still has so much potential to grow. Illinois’ sports betting handle already seems like the jackpot for many. But in fact, this is only the fourth highest betting handle across the country. The highest monthly handle for January comes from New York, with a mind-boggling $1.686 billion in wagers. So, if you are planning on starting your own sportsbook, waste no time and start today.

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