As of September 9, 2021, sports betting is now legal in Arizona. Starting at midnight, Arizona residents can now place their bets on sportsbooks. Finding the best gambling and sports betting sites can be challenging. But, there are good gambling software reviews to help you find one to your liking. Aside from the 6 operators, there are two more on the table. In addition, the state could also accept more applications later on.

For those wanting to know about the pay per head sportsbook industry, and sports betting in general, it helps to get to know the different operators in each market. The Arizona Department of Gaming, for instance, has given out licenses to 18 operators back in August. 10 of those have partnerships with state-based tribes. Meanwhile, the other 8 have ties with professional sports teams from Arizona.

Sports Betting in Arizona

Sports Betting is Now Legal in ArizonaDespite a legal battle, no injunction was issued to halt the launch of sports wagering in the state. The date was also quite auspicious, given that it is also the opening day of the NFL . Even better, the first game is a home game where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be hosting the Dallas Cowboys. Many bookie pay per head solutions providers are looking forward to a growing sports betting industry welcoming the football season.

The law allowing sports betting in the state is pretty fast-moving, especially if you compare it with other states. Arizona House Bill 2772 started out back in February, and was finally signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey in April. The bill legalizes sports betting, and expands the current gambling market to allow Daily Fantasy Sports as well as Keno games. Experts are looking at the state being able to see $200 million in business activity as well as upwards of $30 million in taxes annually in the Arizona.


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