The Empire State’s sportsbooks are doing better this August, indicating that we are in the beginning of the busiest season in sports betting. According to the New York State Gaming Commission, sports betting in New York is rebounding, with an increased activity in sportsbooks. We’ll be seeing similar trends across betting markets in bookie news, but New York is the current market leader in betting, so we should take a look at their numbers.

The total mobile sports betting handle for sports betting in New York in August is $872.2 million, which is larger than July’s $800.7 million handle. Meanwhile, the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) for online sportsbooks are at $73.3 million in July, increasing to $99.6 million in August. Many bookie PPH software users are reporting similar increases in handle across the board, so this is not an isolated case, rather, typical during this time of year.

Sports Betting in New York

Sports Betting in New York Climbs Back Up in AugustSince hockey, basketball, and football is out during the summer months, there are less events to bet on. This results in quieter sportsbooks, and a few months of decreasing handle. But since we are now at the month when more and more football wagers will be available, we are expecting numbers to rapidly improve. Both college and professional football (NFL) will be getting a lot of action. August represents somewhat of a slow restart or reboot for sports betting. But the true jump in betting numbers will not be seen until September, when the NFL and college football goes full swing.

In the previous months, we have seen steady growth in betting handle as compared to the previous years. We do not have these numbers for New York, since online sports betting only launched this January. However, the state swiftly jumped to the top spot for sports betting, generating billions of dollars in handle. Given how things are for New York, other states will be inspired to follow suit. For those wondering, here are which states will have sports betting available by 2023. Hopefully, we will see more markets open sooner, if not next year.


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