Everyone in the payperhead industry knows that Nevada is king of all gambling in the US. Therefore, its not surprising to hear that the handle in sports betting in Nevada for the month of September is $575 million. $575,144,025 to be exact, which is 21.2% higher than August’s $474,948,415.

And if we look at the year on year data, this is even higher by 5.3% than September 2019’s handle of $546,193,708. The numbers for the state are so good, that it contributes a lot to the total US handle od $2.3 billion for the month.

Sports Betting in Nevada

Sports Betting in Nevada: Betting Handle For SeptemberProviders like Discount Pay Per Head are enjoying an unprecedented increase in action, considering that we are still in a global pandemic. But since the sports industry has been back for the past few months, so have sports bettors and bookies. This month, in the US, New Jersey is the state with the highest handle, setting a record again for $748.6 million. This is around $173.4 million more than Nevada. So far, New Jersey bests Nevada in sports betting for all of 2020.

If we look at Nevada’s own records, the highest betting handle the state has seen was back in November 2019, with a handle of $614.1 million. The handle of Nevada is actually pretty good, considering their registration policy. Unlike bookie pay per head sportsbooks where you can just simply create a profile, Nevada requires in-person registration. This means going to a casino or retail sportsbook to personally register before you can partake in any form of online and mobile betting.

Sports Betting in the US

Nevada is not the only state posting an increase in betting handle. Indiana, Oregon, New Jersey and Pennsylvania all set state record-high betting handle for September. Colorado also has a $207.65 million handle, not bad for its 5th month in operations. In addition, 98.2% of all Colorado wagers were made online.