Sports Betting in Georgia could happen, but only if it gets enough support in the state’s legislature. This Tuesday, Senate bill 57 was introduced. The bill proposes to legalize sports betting in the Peach state. Sports betting software companies will finally be able to put up businesses in the state if the bill will pass. Let us take a look at the details and find out if the terms will be feasible enough to pass and see implementation.

SB 57 will allow anywhere from 9 to 18 licenses to offer online sports betting in the state. Some of these licenses will be through the Georgia Lottery Corp. They can open a public procurement process to choose a maximum of 9 providers to offer wagering.

Then, 5 licenses will be for professional sports teams in the state such as the Atlanta Falcons. Permits will also be allotted for events like the PGA Tour, the Augusta Golf Club, and the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Sports Betting in Georgia Goes for Online and Retail Wagering

Sports Betting in Georgia Could Happen if Bill PassesOnline sports betting has proven to be more lucrative than retail betting. This is seen in markets across the country. Providers like also see a rise in online sportsbooks. This is because its a profitable business to start. In addition, it is also easy to maintain an online sportsbook is. For Georgia, the size of the state, and the location of the population and the state geography also plays a factor.

Traveling to retail casinos may be harder for residents in the state. Especially compared to simply downloading an app. Or even just opening a website in your computer or tablet. So long as the individual is 21 or older and physically located within Georgia, they can bet on any sport they want to.

Much like what you can find in a portfolio from bookie pay per head solutions companies, the bill proposes a wide range of betting events. Residents will be able to bet on both professional and collegiate sports.

There will be retail betting, but wagers will have limits. So far, we are seeing bipartisan support in the senate. However, we will still need to wait to see if the whole legislature will show the same support, as well as the Governor.


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