The sports betting industry in the US is making a quick recovery following the shutdown mid-year due to the pandemic. But sportsbook pay per head bookies are thrilled to see that not only is the market recovering, but actually booming. The high surge of sports betting activity for September in US sports betting may be attributed to a few factors. But all of them point towards the growth of an industry that many states still do not enjoy.

Indiana, for instance, has a betting handle of $207.5 million. Iowa records $72 million. Oregon has a $26.2 million handle, despite just having a single online betting channel. All of these states are breaking their previous records. But they are not even the top-grossing states with the highest handles. Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are some big states when it comes to sports betting. Especially online wagering.

US Sports Betting

September Brings Record Breaking Numbers for US Sports BettingTraditionally, September is always a good month for sports betting. At least in the US. Both professional and college football seasons begin in September. These are top sports leagues that people bet on, so September usually sees a surge in numbers.

But with sites like the BWager sports betting software company recording a lot of activity from both new bookies and new players, it also shows us an increase in bettors. As online gambling and online sports betting is gaining even more popularity than ever, more people are discovering how easy it is to place a bet online nowadays.

Predictions for the Rest of the Year

Football season will bring in more wagers, and perhaps a new wave of new bettors. Would-be bookies can also look at bookie pay per head reviews to find a good way to launch their own sportsbooks. Online sports betting will continue to dominate, and a lot of states will scramble to get a share of the pie. Tennessee is slated to launch their sports betting market by November 1. The state will offer online betting, which is a great advantage to them.

Some states are still struggling to get their numbers up, especially with states like Iowa which have certain regulations. For instance, some states require in-person registration prior to online wagering. Due to the pandemic, these requirements are temporarily suspended. This gives local markets the chance to take in new bettors, and increase the handle even more.


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