Back in 2020, residents of Nebraska voted to legalize sports betting in the state. After this, legislators went to work to craft and pass a bill to finalize the terms. However, the bill was not passed and signed into law up until May 2021. The process is quite long, especially compared to how easy becoming a bookie is. However, the public is yet to place a bet in any sportsbook in the state. This is because retail sports betting in Nebraska will launch in May.

Basically taking two years, residents have had no choice but to travel outside the state to place wagers. For instance, people in Omaha can cross the Missouri River and bet on sportsbooks in Iowa. And if residents are closer to the borders of Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming, they can just cross and place wagers. Given how lucrative it is so open a bookie business, especially with pay per head solutions for sportsbooks, it’s a waste for the state to lose out on potential revenue.

Retail Sports Betting in Nebraska

Retail Sports Betting in Nebraska to Begin in MayBut to be optimistic, at least residents will now have the option to bet on sports in the Cornhusker State in May. The Warhorse Casino in Lincoln will be launching then. The timeline will allow residents to place wagers just in time for the NBA Finals, as well as the College World Series. Other retail areas will offer sports betting, but there are no specific details yet.

However, online sports betting is yet to be included in the verbiage of any wagering law. Currently, only retail sports betting is allowed in the state. This means that residents will still have to travel if they want to view betting lines in sportsbooks and place a wager.

Of course, aside from betting on games like the NBA or baseball or football, it can be more profitable to own a sportsbook. Read these bookie pay per head reviews to find the best software to help you become a bookie easily.


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