RealPricePerHead Pay Per Head ReviewIn our latest bookie pay per head reviews, we’ll be looking at RealPricePerHead has been operating since 2009. They are based out of Costa Rica, and cater to an international clientele. Their services claim to be able to support multiple languages, which is good for their customer base.

But our pay per head review will be taking a look at more than what you’ll read on their website. Instead, we’ll take a deeper look at their software, and see how they compare to other providers of the same caliber, as well as price range. Since they have been operating for more than 10 years, we are seeing a lot of reviews from customers and betting software development experts. We are curious about them, because despite their popularity, the reviews are less than stellar. Pay Per Head Information:

        • Inception: 2009
        • Telephone: 1-887-819-4141
        • Email: [email protected]
        • Live Chat: Yes
        • Website:
    • Software: DGS
    • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, and live casino, online wagering, telephone wagering, customizable site
    • Price Per Player: $7
    • Private Website Available: Yes Pay Per Head Review

    RealPricePerHead Pay Per Head ReviewSigning up for the service was okay, if not a bit old-school. Some providers tend to push real interaction between them and the bookies, and you can usually see that in as early as the sign up process. After signing up, we waiting quite a bit for them to get back with us. We got a call and was asked a lot of questions by their agent, mostly about configuring the site we wanted. They also asked us for a deposit. Normally we would not raise any issue with this. But they do advertise a 1 week free trial. But if we are asked to deposit before we can actually get the trial, then it should be said as getting your first week free. Semantics, but it means a lot when you are very transparent in your operations.

    But moving on, our review continues a day after our initial sign up, as we needed to give them time to configure our sportsbook. Again, this is a bit old school. While some may want this personalized treatment, its actually not time-efficient. Most of the best sportsbook pay per head providers will give you access to your sportsbook within minutes, and you can easily configure your own site as you want it.

    As for the software itself, its decent, but very plain. If you are new to the industry, you would probably settle for this and be none the wiser. But for us, who have seen more pay per head sportsbook interface than more, we know they could do better. Or, reduce their fees at the very least.

    Our Recommendation about

    As mentioned above, we have seen a lot of other pay per head providers that have lower fees but actually give more value for money. While offers decent services, there are simply better competitors out there. For instance, offers a lot more features like a prop bet creator, but their fee is lower at $5 per head. There are better options than Real Price Per Head, and we’d vote for you to explore those options to get better service.


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