PPHCR.com Bookie Pay Per Head ReviewPPHCR.com is a sportsbook pay per head company that is based in Costa Rica. They have been in business since 2018, so we though to make a PPHCR.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review and see how they fare against other bookie pay per head providers.

When you become a bookie, you will be seeing a lot of sites like PPHCR.com. Most sites will offer you a free trial, or a free demo. Some may ask for a deposit as they only end up giving you free weeks contingent upon you availing their services. Some will ask for personal details, while others will give you access instantly.

PPHCR.com Pay Per Head Information:

        • Inception: 2018
        • Telephone: 1-888-205-5128
        • Email: [email protected]
        • Live Chat: No
        • Website: PPHCR.com
    • Software: DGS
    • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, online wagering, telephone wagering, mobile platform, player bonuses and more
    • Price Per Player: $8
    • Private Website Available: Yes

    PPHCR.com Pay Per Head Review

    PPHCR.com Bookie Pay Per Head ReviewIf you want to be an online bookie instantly, then PPHCR may disappoint you a little. Clicking through so many links to get a demo, we ended up giving out our email address to wait for whatever they will send. Turns out, registration is not an automated process. Some companies prefer this to increase personal interaction with bookies. But this practice is a bit outdated, and very time consuming.

    And based on bookie tutorials that you may read, you should be getting a lot of these features, but at lower prices. In fact, there are pay per head providers that were established around the same time as them, but look so much better. If you check out the PPHCR website, you will notice that some links are dead, and the blog has not been updated for years. The lack of maintaining their site is quite bothersome.

    The site itself looks nice, but that is pretty much it. You can see the lack of effort as the software is very very similar to the original DGS software that most pay per head providers base their services on. Basically, there is little effort to make their brand unique, or to even update their services.

    Given all the other sites we have tried in our bookie pay per head reviews, their site is admittedly one of the sadder sites we have seen. We know that minimizing costs is a great way to save on money and earn more. But when it looks like you are cutting corners and not even updating your business website, which is the face of your company, then it will make you wonder if they will do the same to your business.

    Our Recommendation about PPHCR.com

    We 100% recommend that you go somewhere else to start your own online sportsbook. There are a lot more options available that are better, and more affordable. If they can barely update their blog for a year, it would be perfectly valid to wonder if they will also update your software when other companies are rolling in improvements and updates.


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