The Pennsylvania sports betting revenue dips again this July, the third consecutive month to do so. In the latest bookie news, we are seeing that a lot of betting markets are seeing dips in numbers for July. In Pennsylvania’s case, we are seeing a drop from both revenue and betting handle for the month of July. But all is not lost, as table games and casino gaming is doing well, showing us that this is not a bad trend at all.

As what the best bookie PPH experts will tell us, it is simply a slow month for sports betting in general, with less events available to bet on. This is why many bookies also offer casino games to their players, as another way to generate action and revenue from players during the sports off season.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting Revenue

Pennsylvania Sports Betting Revenue for July DipsGross revenue for Pennsylvania for July is at $19.856 million. This is 42% lower, a large drop, from June’s $34.226 million. Meanwhile, the total sports betting handle for July is at $304.416 million, which is 27.6% lower than June’s $420.193 million. For those who are using sportsbook PPH solutions and would like data on online betting, the numbers are similar. The total mobile handle for the state in July us $275.450 million. Again, this is around 27.4% lower than June’s $379.268 million.

However, as you can see, the mobile handle accounts for majority of the handle, with only around $24 million from retail sports betting. So, even though we are seeing a decrease, the market is far from dwindling. In fact, many industry experts are not worried as the tide will soon be turning. From September onwards, sports betting activity will increase. And along with that, sportsbook revenues.


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