Pennsylvania Sports Betting Report Shows Increase in HandleAccording to the latest report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the Keystone state did well in sports betting for the month of January. The Pennsylvania sports betting report shows that state’s sportsbooks record a 2.3% increase at $772.3 million from December’s $754.8 million. Despite a great start to 2023, it still lower than the last quarter of 2022, where the October handle was even as high as $797.1 million.

Those who want to become a bookie will not only look at the handle, but the revenue as well. The revenue that a sportsbook makes tells us as lot more than just your profit. It also tells us how much bettors win over a certain period as well.

And this seems to be the case with Pennsylvania. Even with a boost in handle, sportsbooks saw the lowest tax revenue since football season started. This is because sportsbook revenue is at $57.9 million, This is a steep drop from December’s $71.2 million. The numbers tell us that sportsbooks only got to keep 7.5% of all bets placed, which is lower than December’s 9.4%. Using a good Bookie PPH Solution can help you easily get data on your own sportsbook to check your hold percentage.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting Report: What People Bet On

Pennsylvania Sports Betting Report Shows Increase in HandleYour pay per head sportsbook will also be able to give you data on wagers- from where most wagers went to, to which sport was most popular, and so on. For Pennsylvania, locals had a lot of games to choose from, and some of them were state teams.

For instance, the Eagles did so well in the NFL Playoffs, and managed a stint in the Super Bowl, which was a great source of wagers for sportsbooks. Given that the football season is dying down in January, hitting $700+ in handle is quite an impressive feat. As to where bettors placed their wagers, online sportsbooks continue to reign supreme, with 93.2% of all wagers coming from mobile sports betting.


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