Pennsylvania Sets Betting Record in DecemberThere was a slight hiccup in Pennsylvania’s ports betting numbers in November. A very slight dip in the handle. While it was a mere blip in a healthy betting market, the state ends the year proving its market is as heathy as ever. Pennsylvania sets betting record after betting record. And December is not exempt. As many sportsbook pay per head bookies are seeing, December was a green month for many.

Pennsylvania has a $548.6 million handle for December 2020. This is 11.5% higher than November’s $491.9 million. But the increase of the market is best seen when we compare it to the previous year. December 2020’s handle is 60.1% higher than December 2019’s $342.6 million. Pennsylvania allows both retail and online sports betting in the state.

Pennsylvania Sets Betting Record

As many know, Pennsylvania is fast becoming one of the biggest betting markets in the country. And with the increase of people opening an online sportsbook, plus a more accessible market through online sportsbooks, the next few years will even be better in terms of growth. Incidentally, the December handle of Pennsylvania for December is also the highest the state recorded. Not just for the year, but since it opened its doors to sports betting.

Online casino gambling for the state for December is also a new record. They are recording a gross revenue of $71.6 million. This is largely different from December 2019’s $10.6 million. With online gaming also getting more popular, its best to check bookie pay per head reviews to find sportsbook software that also offers integrated casino pay per head services. This is very promising, considering that in Pennsylvania, mobile wagering in the state accounted for 97.6% of the market for December. Online sports betting is $535.2 million. This is19.6% higher than November’s $447.4 million. Its also a whopping 79.9% higher than December 2019’s $297.4 million.


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