Pay Per Head has been in business for only a few years- publicly. Apparently, this up and coming bookie pay per head services company has been in business since around 2016, but have been exclusively working with startups to get their online sportsbooks running. Now that they have been on the radar for quite some time, we figured we should do a Pay Per Head Review.

There are only a few bookie pay per head reviews about, but all of them are on the positive side of things. Just to be sure, of course, we are taking the time to try out their services to see if all the other reviews are true, and if they really are as good as they seem. Pay Per Head Information:

    • Software: DGS
    • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, and live casino, online wagering, telephone wagering, mobile platform, player bonuses and more
    • Price Per Player: $5
    • Private Website Available: Yes Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head ReviewLuck seems to be in our favor, as offers a free, deposit-free, two-week trial. Which of course, we immediately signed up for. We were quickly registered, and once we were able to log in, we had nothing else to do but start fixing our sportsbook. This is a great thing because it gives you less time to spend registering and giving out information you might not yet be comfortable giving. Especially if you are just like us as trying out their software. We also like that their promise of a free trial is exactly that. Other companies offer you a few weeks free, but you need to pay for a deposit to be able to claim it.

    When doing our reviews, we try to look at sites from different angles. One is from the perspective of someone new and unaware about what an online bookie software solution is, and our expert opinion based on what we have seen with other sites.

    First, we pretended to not know how to get ourselves started. We discovered that they do not have a phone number, which would have been easier for us to ask for help. However, the online chat agent was very knowledgeable and they were able to walk us through the software. But, coming from the perspective of someone who has seen countless pay per head software, the site is actually easy to use. All of the important features are easily viewable, and then under the main menu of the dashboard are the specific features you need.

    The layout is great, a bit simple, but it works well for them. The minimalist approach they have gives a no-fuss feel to the site. Even if you are new to the industry, you will not have a hard time using their software.

    Our Recommendation about

    We know that they are new in the business and their name may not have much recall. But if anything, we like how the name of their site is Pay Per Head King, as the quality of their services at a $5 price point per head is definitely one of the best we have seen recently. If you are willing to try something new, you won’t go wrong with


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