Game of Thrones season 8 premiere is one of the most watched TV moments this year. If you are one of the gamblers who caught the leaked episode, you have more reasons to love the show. Gambling industry news reported bettors win big because DirecTV showed the first episode four hours ahead of schedule.

Gamblers who wagered on prop bets won a lot of money during GOT’s season premiere. An online gambling site lost five figures amount on the prop bet on how will speak first in season 8. Bettors placed their bets on Tyrion Lannister as soon as he spoke during the leaked episode.

One pay per head bookie provider thought someone had inside knowledge and told his friends to bet on Tyrion. In fact, the odds of Tyrion to speak first dropped from 4-1 to 1-1 within 48 hours before the premiere.

Bettors Win Big Due to Leak

ay Per Head News: Bettors Win Big Thanks to Game of Thrones LeakAT&T, the owner of HBO and DirecTV, admitted they had a system error. As a result, customers of DirecTV Now got early access to the first episode. Also, the company said they will ensure it will not happen again in episode 2.

After the airing of Episode 1, betting odds for the final season changed. The odds of Jaime Lannister to die first changed from 50-1 to 6-1. Some sportsbook pay per head operators stopped taking bets on Jaime killing Cersei Lannister. Before the season, he was the favorite to kill his sister with the odds of 3-2.

Jon Snow is now the favorite to be the king when Game of Thrones ends with odds of 5-2. The previous favorite was Bran Stark. However, his odds doubled from 2-1 to 4-1. If you want to root for the underdog, bet on Davos with the odds of 50-1. It is a long shot but no one knows how the show will end.