Ohio Sports Betting Bill Amendment is Up for ReviewThe best pay per head sportsbook stays in the top of the game because of a few reasons. First off, is great product. Second, would be great price. Third, would be accessibility and ease of use. These are the most important factors that make online sports betting very successful. Especially if you are giving your bettors good lines and they have an easy time doing it. As a bookie, you will also want to have a good platform to use for your sportsbook. And one of the most important things bookies look at, is the cost of the sportsbook. This is exactly what is going on with the Ohio sports betting bill amendment.

Currently, it is a bit expensive to put up a sportsbook in Ohio. The legislation states that licenses will be $400,000 every three years. That costs around $133,333 a year. While this gives the state instant income, it might also serve as a deterrent for sportsbooks to register, as it takes a lot more to recoup such a large amount yearly.

Ohio Sports Betting Bill

However, Senator John Eklund is clarifying the amendments on the bill. This amendment is now under the purview of the Ohio Senate General Government Agency Review Committee. This committee approved the motion to review the bill in the week to come. In the amendment, the price of licenses are adjusted to $200,000 instead of $400,000 every three years.

As this motion to substitute the bill for SB111 passes the committee’s review, another step is taken. What seems like a hard road to getting sports betting legal in Ohio is hopefully coming to an end. The best betting software may be allowed in the state if licensed casinos will be allowed to have partners for online betting. There will also be an 8% tax on betting receipts. Overall, the cost is way lower and more enticing to sportsbook operators. Especially if you compare it with the cost of a good bookie pay per head. All we have to do now, is wait for the General Assembly to pass the bill, and we may see sports betting in Ohio soon.


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