One of the most exciting games in this year’s March Madness is the Duke-UCF game. Although Duke is the favorite, UCF had to chances to win the game in the dying moments of the game. The good gambling news for UCF fans is that an NJ sportsbook is offering refunds for their wagers.

Duke is a 14.5-point favorite with odds of -1200. While UCF fans won the point spread, they were unfortunate with the moneyline. The game ended 77-76 with the Blue Devils on top.

As a result, PointsBet has a Good Karma Payout for losing moneyline wagers. The best part about the promo is the bet doesn’t need to be with PointsBet to qualify.

The NJ Sportsbook created the program to provide relief in times when unfortunate events decided the result of the game. One recent example is when the Saints lost the NFC title due to an officiating mistake. As a result, PointsBet refunded both point spread and moneyline bets.

NJ Sportsbook Good Karma Payout

NJ Sportsbook Offers Refund after Duke-UCF GameInstead of giving back cash, PointsBet is giving the refunds through bonus bets. In addition, the NJ bookie accepts refunds from bets made at other sportsbook pay per head services. All you need to do is to register with PointsBet and use the code KARMA. Also, you need to post the bet slip on Facebook or Instagram to get a maximum of $100 bonus points.

While it is a promo to make people sign up with the sportsbook, it is a smart business move. It might cost the bookie in the short term. However, the deal can help the sportsbook develop loyalty among bettors.

If you want to learn how to become a bookie, you should try to emulate the NJ sportsbook. You should take negative things and turn it into a positive for your customers.

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