New York sportsbooks are having a good year so far, with handles reaching the billion-dollar month on a monthly basis. The New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) releases the handle on a weekly basis. Because of that we are able to take a closer look at how the local market is doing. Those who manage a sportsbook pay per head business will be doing the same with their own operations. And it won’t be hard with the tools that the software has to generate reports easily.

Looking at the week ending November 27, New York sportsbooks took in $429.2 million. This is a very noticeable increase from the previous week’s handle of $343.5 million. In fact, the state has not breached the $400 million mark since March of this year. March is known to be a great month for bookies who use a sportsbook pph software since you have March Madness.

New York Sportsbooks in 2022

New York Sportsbooks See High Betting Handle to Close NovemberWe can’t exactly compare the year-on-year numbers for sports betting in New York. Online sports betting only started in January this year. Retail betting makes up a small fraction of sports betting in New York, so there is no purpose in comparing last year from this year. However, if we look at the month-on-month increase, then we are seeing a large increase in handle.

We still do not have the report for the whole month of November, but in October, the state recorded the third-highest monthly handle at $1.54 billion, which was 22.8% higher than September’s $1.26 billion handle. And if you keep track of trends alongside your use of a good bookie pay per head solutions provider to run a sportsbook successfully, then the numbers will be encouraging. We would not be surprised at all if we are to see New York hit $10 Billion in betting handle for the year 2022.


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