New Jersey is one of the largest betting markets in the country. With sports betting legislation that constantly evolves to anticipate the demands of the market, New Jersey is a good example for states who are still considering legalizing sports betting. Especially when they see the New Jersey Bookies’ Betting handle for March. In fact, many bookie pay per head operators are looking to New Jersey in terms of looking at betting trends. For those who are unaware, New Jersey’s betting public prefer online sports betting.

So, when learning how to become a bookie, its important to see just how good the online betting market is, especially now when there is more demand for online betting options in the market. For now, let’s take a look at New Jersey.

New Jersey Bookies’ Betting Handle

New Jersey Bookies’ Betting Handle Increases in MarchThe total sports betting handle for New Jersey this March is at $859.6 million. This is 15.7% higher than February’s $742.9 million. Its also an amazing 372.6% higher than March 2020’s $181.9 million. The revenue for the state is $60.7 million. This is an impressive 31.5% increase from February’s $46.2 million. Its also 360.9% higher than March 2020’s $13.2 million. This gives the state around $7.8 million in taxes for the month alone. Since January, the state has a betting revenue of $131.3 million.

While checking out bookie pay per head reviews, also take a look into the betting calendar. For March, for example, March Madness was a leading source of wagers for many. The mobile betting handle for the state is at $780.145 million. This is 13.2% higher than February’s $689.249 million. Basically, online sports betting has 90.8% share of the total betting market for the month.

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