August is not good a good month for the New Hampshire Sports Betting Market. August 2020 was the low point for sports betting in the state. Unfortunately, the same holds true this year. The year-on-year data still indicates market growth. But the numbers this year are less than favorable for sportsbooks in the state.

According to the best pay per head sportsbook, sports betting numbers across the board will be improving as early as August. This will continue to rise as the NFL and NBA will be opening in September and October, respectively. So even if New Hampshire has a slight dip in August, industry insiders are optimistic than September will be better for the state.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Market

New Hampshire Sports Betting Market StrugglesThe total sports betting handle for the state is at $36,319,740 for August. This is 1.1% lower than July’s $36,724,165. This is the lowest monthly handle for the state in over 12 months. Despite the dip, it is still 32.1% higher than August 2020’s $27,496,050. Meanwhile, mobile sports betting takes up $29,560,430 for August, this is 2.7% lower than July’s $30,373,909 mobile handle. As what is confirmed in bookie pay per head reviews, mobile sports betting tends to dominate over retail sports betting in a lot of betting markets in the US.

The betting handle of the state has been in a steady decline for five consecutive months. This is after the March betting handle of $55.8 million. However, this is not a state-specific issue, since the summer is usually a slow season for both sports and sports betting. With more sports leagues opening, plus college sports betting, and perhaps adding in horse betting software, sportsbooks everywhere are expected to make a quick recovery in the next few months.


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