The Nevada sportsbook industry sets a new sports betting record for a single day. Unarguably one of the biggest games in sports betting, the Super Bowl generated $179.8 million in bets. According to the state Gaming control board, this amount covers wagers made across 179 sportsbooks in the state. With the help of modern sportsbook technology, Nevada residents are able to place wagers in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, as well as through online sportsbooks.

The bookie pay per head industry has been preparing for this event over a year in advance. In fact, as soon as the Super Bowl last year ended, sportsbooks were taking in wagers on who they think will win this recent Super Bowl. Of course, those who bet on the Los Angeles Rams probable had a good payday. The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20.

Nevada Sportsbook Industry and the Super Bowl

Nevada Sportsbook Industry Sets New Super Bowl Betting RecordBookie pay per head solutions providers are reporting record high traffic in their bookies’ sportsbooks. In Nevada, sportsbooks record a win percentage of 8.6%, winning $15.4 million. This is the highest Super Bowl handle that the state has seen in a decade. The previous record was back in 2018, when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33. In that game, people bet $158.8 million, and sportsbooks won $1.17 million.

Of course, many put credit into the fact that a California team is playing in the Super Bowl, driving more bets from people in Nevada. But this is the Super Bowl, and this is Nevada, so a high handle is really nothing out of the ordinary. Other states will be seeing a similar jump in sports betting action over the weekend as well. And of course, this game is expected to contribute to a higher monthly betting handle for most, if not all sportsbooks across the country.


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