The Nevada sports betting market did not do quite well in the last two months ending 2020. With the handle dipping in both November and December, many sportsbook pay per head industry experts believe that 2021 will be a better year for the state. True to their forecast, Nevada bounces back with more than $645 million in handle to start the year right. This is the second-highest monthly handle the state has seen. The highest Nevada sports betting handle has is $659 million, back in October 2020.

With the numbers so close to the all-time record, it will not come as a surprise to those who use bookie software to see the state beat their record in the months to come. After all, the sports betting market is consistently showing growth. Many believe that the dips from last year is due to two main factors. The first being the coronavirus outbreak in the state, restricting retail gambling. The second, would be the in-person registration requirement for online wagering. This requirement slows down the increase of bettors in the state, especially when retail casinos and sportsbooks are either shut down, or operating under half of their capacities.

Nevada Sports Betting Handle

Nevada Sports Betting Handle for January is More Than Half a BillionThe $646.5 million sports betting handle for January is 9.9% higher than December’s $588.5 million. It is, however, 28.7% higher than the handle of January 2020. Evidently, the pandemic is not hindering the gambling industry, minus a few hiccups, of course. Nevada’s retail sports betting is slightly below the mobile handle’s share of 56.3%.

Many bookie pay per head solutions providers are getting a lot of signups for people creating sportsbooks online. Most states actually do have over 90% of their handle done online. In the case of Nevada, the 56.3% share of the total handle is around $363.7 million. This is 3.3% higher than December’s $352.2 million. It is also a whopping 47.9% higher than the $245.8 million mobile handle back in January 2020.


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