The Nevada bookie industry, as well as the state’s gaming industry both continue to grow, with higher betting handle and total gaming win. For those who are going through the steps to become a bookie, you should also keep an eye on the monthly trends for the top betting markets, Nevada included. May is a good month for betting and gambling, with 5 full weekends, including the Memorial Day holiday on the last weekend of the month. Let’s take a look at the numbers for gaming and sports betting.

The total posted gaming win for May is at $1.23 billion. This is 18.3% higher than the previous month. Tourism and retail gaming is steadily increases as businesses are getting ready to open to 100% capacity in Nevada starting June 1. Given how retail gambling as well as retail sports betting is very popular in Nevada, particularly in Las Vegas, the numbers will only continue to rise as more and more people can visit their favorite casinos.

Nevada Bookie Industry Handle for May

Nevada Bookie Industry Sees Increase in Handle for MayMeanwhile, the Nevada bookie industry also has a split source of wagers- only 62% of the handle comes from online sports betting. This is particularly unique to Nevada, and why it is so is glaringly obvious. But still, bookie pay per head solutions providers are also seeing an increase in activity for May. Meanwhile, revenue is down for the month. May’s total revenue is at $27.079 million, 0.6% lower than April’s $27.240 million.

The total sports betting handle for May is at $447.191 million. This is higher by 4.1% than April’s total betting handle of $458.210 million. As for those in the pay per head industry, you will be pleased to see that mobile betting also performed better in Nevada this May. The total mobile betting handle is at $297.870 million, 0.4% higher than April’s $296.595 million.


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