Once you have found the best sportsbook pay per head to use to create your bookie business, your next focus will be on the actual product. So, based on your knowledge of gambling, sports, and your players’ betting preferences, you can focus on certain sports. But what are the most popular sports to bet on today?

The best pay per head solutions will be able to back you up. This is regardless of whatever sport you decide to offer. A lot of bookies will offer action on a few sports. Of course, this will come with hundreds of games available. This is a great way for you to get your players to place multiple wagers, instead of just having them bet once on every game, or even once a week.

Most Popular Sports

bookie guideWhen looking at international sportsbooks, Soccer tops the list with a large betting market. They are popular in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. American football is next on the list, followed by basketball, tennis, and a few more. Racing, golf, baseball and boxing are a few of these markets.

Of course, the top sports to bet on will vary by region. All you need to do is to focus on your player base, and find out what they like. For instance, in American sportsbooks, US sports bettors will drop large amounts of money, or drop frequent bets on American football, specifically the NFL. The NFL Super Bowl, for instance, is the biggest day in football, and also the busiest for the bookies. Basketball, the NBA specifically, is second on the list. Then you also have baseball, (MLB), soccer, boxing and MMA, golf, hockey, and tennis are also popular betting markets in the US.

Another additional option you can offer your players, is to have a racebook and offer horse raing, which is very popular in the UK, Japan, China, and other areas around the world. And if you look at a bookie pay per head directory, you will be able to find one that offers a bookie pay per head service, a racebook, and even an online casino. Finding a software service that provides all of these features is great because they will help you create a one-stop-shop for your players’ gambling needs.