Bookie news always provides us with odds, predictions, and other bookie per head developments. Most sports betting software provider experts always keep track of official data to cover the results of wagers in their sportsbooks. Nowadays, with legalized sports betting, more media companies include sports betting in their broadcasts.

With the growing market of sports betting in the US, adding odds and updates could increase ratings in sports broadcasts and streaming. Fox Sports will be doing this through Fox Bet. Fox Bet is their sports betting app that will have sports betting and free-to-play contests. Real money betting will be offered only to residents in states where sports betting is legal.

Include Sports Betting in Television

Fox Bet can also be integrated into television programming. They already have a gambling show, “Lock It In”, that airs on fox channel FS1. Fox Sports is already an established name in in delivering live sports events. Now, the want to expand the experience of their viewers through gambling. Online sports betting is a huge market that grows by the day in the US.

Of course, it not only diversifies the gambling and sports viewing experience, but also the pockets of Fox Sports. Star Group, already has its toes dipped in gambling prior to this. The company also owns brands across the world that own PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and BetStars. Star Group will be given $236m million by Fox Sports as anm investment for less than 5% equity in the company.

They will also have the option to acquire to 50% of the Stars Group before the partnership agreement hits 10 years. More and more companies will be investing in online sports betting. Not only is it a growing market, but in the US, some markets report that the revenue from online sports betting is higher than that of wagers placed in brick and mortar shops and casinos.