Online and mobile sports betting is growing fast. So much, that our pay per head directory has been getting regular updates as more site offer this service to their players. The beauty of being a pay per head bookie, is the accessibility of the sportsbook for both the agent and their players.

And as a pay per head bookie agent, you want your players to be able to access your books anytime. Having a platform online and through a mobile application makes everything easy and convenient, and thus increases more profit.

Mobile Sports Betting in New York

sports betting in new yorkHowever, bookie news has been tracking the development of sports betting across the US, and some states are having no luck in enabling such a convenience in their states. And with the end of the legislative assembly yesterday, things look bleak for this year. The discussion for a bill authorizing online sports bets have ended as well.

But its not for lack of interest in the market. The hesitation comes from the confusion on the legality of enacting such a bill. Some legislators believe that a constitutional amendment is required. This means that voters will make the decision on this matter. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo supports this argument and will not budge.

But state senators are still hopeful, and are finding ways to do this through the assembly. A newer and broader bill may be an answer to this problem. In addition to online sports betting, legislators are looking at adding options for accepting sports bets in stadiums and in kiosks.

But all these plans will probably take longer to solve, since there is discord on how they feel the legislative assembly should tackle online sports betting in New York. More likely, we will not be seeing it this year. And as each year passes, the state loses out on a big market for mobile wagering.