The MLB sent the players’ union a proposal this Friday that outlines the plans for the 2020 season. The document itself is detailed, and 67 pages long. This proposal will be subject to the approval of the MLB players’ union, of course. And if their schedule will push through, then now is the best time to learn how to start a sportsbook. Because this year’s baseball season will definitely be interesting, if we were to look at the MLB Proposal.

The players’ union may propose certain tweaks, changes, or even have a major overhaul that will surely make the news again. Interestingly, salaries for games without live fans watching is not in any of the 67-page proposal.

MLB Proposal

MLB proposalA lot of pay per head sportsbook bookies are already taking in action on whether we will be seeing the MLB by a certain date. Some wagers are even more odd, with bets on the numbers of games each team will play, and so on. So far, we do have details from the proposal. These are plans that basically protects the players and officials present every step of the way. Mask wearing and social distancing is also discussed in what they call the 2020 operations manual.

If spring training will push through in June, then it will begin by testing and screening of players, coaches, and other essential personnel. Only 50 players will attend spring training. They will have strict rules on temperature checking- if you have temps of over 100, they you cannot enter any training facility. This also means that players will be isolated from other members of the team. Multiple testing seems to be the game plan, as well as monthly antibody testing.

Other details will be coming up soon, and as soon as we hear from the union, we will know which plans will likely push through. On your end, you should be using your bookie pay per head solutions provider to get your sportsbook ready for the MLB season.