Mississippi started the year with an amazing sports betting handle of $67.7 million. This is the highest handle the state recorded. However, the numbers are in for February, and the Mississippi sports betting handle declines by 29.4% to $47.8 million. This is usual for February betting, and bookies can easily make up for it in March. This guide to March Madness Betting can help you find out how.

February 2020’s betting handle, if we compare it to February 2021’s, shows a 38.7% increase, while revenue increases year-over-year by 118.8% as well. As mentioned earlier, this is a common occurrence, even with the best pay per head bookie, as February has fewer days and sports events to make money off with.

Mississippi Sports Betting

Mississippi Sports Betting Handle Declines in FebruaryFor February, basketball is the most popular sport that people were betting on. Around $28.5 million was bet on. Football was also popular that month, since the Super Bowl was during the first weekend of the month. March is expected to improve as college basketball will be very visible during March. As a bookie pay per head, you need to prepare for the number of games on college basketball alone for March. We’re not even mentioning the NBA here, which can also generate a lot of income this month.

Currently, the state’s senate gaming commission is discussing how they can improve the state’s sports betting market. If residents want to place bets, they need to be physically in a retail casino or sportsbook. This is the same with the available sportsbook apps in the state. You cannot use them unless you are inside a casino. There are calls for extending mobile sports betting to the whole state to make it more accessible to residents.


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