The Massachusetts sportsbook bill is still not moving, despite getting closer to the end of July deadline. The Massachusetts legislative session ends July 31, and lawmakers must be able to ensure that the sports betting bill gets approval from both houses before the month end. Many bookie news sites have been monitoring the progress of the Massachusetts sports betting legislation. Legalizing wagering in the state has been such a long road, and even in the final steps, problems abound.

Currently, a joint committee from both the Senate and the House have been holding closed-door negotiations to reconcile the details of the sports betting bills from both chambers. While the best pay per head sportsbook can get you up and running in no time, would be operators will still have to wait for Massachusetts to decide on the matter. Bills from both chambers have key differences that they will have to negotiate in.

Massachusetts Sportsbook Bill Status

Massachusetts Sportsbook Bill is Still Not MovingOne of the differences between the two bills is the matter of allowing college sports betting in the state. The Senate bill does not allow sports betting on collegiate sports, while the House version does. Advertising wise, the Senate’s version has very strict regulations on sports betting, practically banning betting ads or mentions on sponsorships on air, the opposite of the House version. Terms on the number of operators, online skins for software sportsbook operations, and the like also differ.

And of course, taxation on sports betting is also a contested issue. Given how popular sports betting is, the state can earn a lot from taxing wagering revenues. The Senate wants a 20% tax for retail and 35% on online sports betting. Meanwhile, the House’s bill calls for lower rates, with 12.5% for retail sports betting, and 15% for online wagering. But until both chambers learn to compromise on this bill, the state will get 0 in potential revenue for the near future if they fail to agree on the bill before the session ends.


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