In the latest bookie news, another sports betting market in the US will launch this year. Massachusetts online sports betting is launching next week. The launch will continue despite problems with retail sportsbooks in their first few weeks. Sports betting launched back in January 31, but only in retail sportsbooks. However, in only a matter of weeks, all sportsbooks admit to violations the rules set by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC).

According to the report, retail sportsbooks wrongly accepted wagers on college sports games, but only for a few hours. The issue was that the state has a limitation where college sports betting is not allowed. If a game, regardless of where the venue is, involves a state-based university, then residents cannot bet on it. However, another exception exists, where sportsbooks can offer local state games. If a state team is participating in a tournament with at least four teams, then sportsbooks can offer odds on these games. Any pay per head bookie sportsbook won’t have this limitation, though.

Massachusetts Online Sports Betting

Massachusetts Online Sports Betting to Launch Next WeekThe MGC will be issuing seven online sportsbook licenses. And if nothing impedes this, then seven online sportsbooks will go live next Friday, March 10, at 10:00 AM EST. There are other operators applying for the license, but they may likely not gain a license later in the year, or maybe even early next year.

The March 10 launch means that bettors in Massachusetts will be able to place wagers on March Madness, which is one of the more lucrative sports events in the country. And if you want to be a bookie, using a bookie PPH software can easily help you get a sportsbook set up before March Madness begins.


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