Sports betting has rapidly grown across the US, with many states adapting to the demands of the market therefore legalizing sports betting. Each state has taken a different approach towards sports betting. Some offer only online sports betting. While some offer retail betting. Other states offer both channels since the get-go. Other states, meanwhile, adapt to the times and adjust their laws to add more options for people to bet on.

Maryland, two years ago, voted to legalize both retail and online sports betting. And yet residents to this day still do not have access to a sportsbook through bookie software solutions, despite this service being readily available. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is disappointed to say the least. Governor Hogan appealed to the states gaming regulators to finally approve mobile betting in the state in time for the NFL season.

Online Sports Betting in Maryland

Maryland Governor Wants Online Sports Betting Live before NFL SeasonThe NFL season starts on September 8. As early as now, however, sportsbooks are already getting action on the American professional football league. The NFL is also the highest generating league in many a sportsbook. So for the state to maximize sports betting, it would be best that they go online before the league starts. The Baltimore Ravens will be opening their season on September 11 against the New York Jets. And it would be nice for people to be able to bet on them. If bookies are using the best bookie pay per head features in their sportsbooks, then there will be countless betting options available for NFL betting.

Governor Hogan has also noted that neighboring states such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia all have online sports betting. Maryland currently has 5 retail sportsbooks, which is not enough to cover the demand of many residents. In fact, many of these residents actually travel to other states to place their wagers. To those of you who cannot wait, you can also explore the possibility of owning an online sportsbook and also earn from NFL betting. These bookie pay per head reviews will help you narrow down your options on sportsbook software services.


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