Since the proliferation of legalized sports betting in the USA, a lot of professional sports leagues, such as the MLB, have been asking for their share of the revenues. They are, after all, the source of the wagers. This means that these sports leagues are requesting for integrity fees. This is a measure they believe will prevent sports betting from ruining these sports. A top Bookie pay per head provider will not make you worry about these issues.

While sports league officials believe this to be a great proposal, a lot of sports betting operators, as well as casinos, have dismissed this suggestion. In fact, in the recent G2E, or Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, the trade show featured a panel to specifically talk about sports betting, sports leagues, and sportsbooks.

During the trade show, the Major League Baseball, or the MLB, has reaffirmed its position that sports leagues receive integrity fees. MLB Executive Vice President for Gaming Kenny Gersh argues that a small integrity fee or royalty fee of 0.25% is very reasonable to as from casinos. He defends his stand, that it would not be fair to not charge the integrity fee.

MLB on Integrity Fees

He further says that there will be legislation that allows operators to earn from professional sports. This means that operators will have the legal right to make money off of their league, and it is only fair that if they make money off of their sport, then they should at least have a percentage from that. After all, if the MLB does not exist, then there won’t be games for them to bet on.

Of course, the American Gaming Association, through their Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Sara Slane outright dismissed the idea of integrity fees. She argues that sports leagues want to get a cut of something that they are not invested in. That they want the money without the risks that operators take. Operators go through a lengthy process of registrations, fees, and taxes to run their sportsbooks. It is not financially viable for operators to pay sports leagues.



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