Last May 19, the Louisiana passed the Sports Betting bill for the state with a 31-6 vote. The bill then went to the state’s House Chamber. The House voted to pass SB 247 with an overwhelming 78-15 vote. The next step for this is for the bill to return to the senate for final approval. Then the Louisiana sportsbook bill will be forwarded to the office of Governor John Bel Edwards. The governor needs to sign the bill before the end of the 2021 legislative session.

Many sportsbook pay per head experts believe that the approval from the governor will most likely happen, as he has been supportive of sports betting policies in the past. The bill will allow for 20 licenses among current casinos and racinos, who will all have 2 skins per license.

Louisiana Sportsbook Bill

Louisiana Sportsbook Bill Passes House VoteFor those who keep up with sportsbook and bookie pay per head news, Louisiana’s residents voted back in 2020 to allow for sports betting in the state. However, the configuration for sports betting in the state will be a bit complex. This is because the state will require more geotagging than one normally would. Only 55 parishes out of their 64 actually voted to allow sports betting. Which means that there will be certain parishes in the state where you will not be allowed to bet on sports.

This has been a slow process for the state, which is not unusual for them. For instance, Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, was allowed back in 2018, but regulations were only finalized in 2020. To date, we still do not have a date for the DFS launch. Many are hopeful that sports betting will not take that long. Of course, there are other sportsbooks from other states and regions where people can bet- online. And if you are currently running an online sportsbook, here is a way for you to get lower sportsbook expenses so you can earn more.


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