Louisiana Gov John Bel Edwards supports the legalization of sports betting in the state. In addition, he said that the state can use the revenue from gambling for early childhood education. He also said that his state should follow Mississippi’s example.

He told bookie news reporters that he wants the sports betting industry to grow in the state. Also, he wants gamblers to go to casinos in the states. At present, residents go to Mississippi or other neighboring states to engage do sports betting.

Mississippi legalized sports betting. As a result, Louisiana residents go to MI casinos for their sports gambling fix. Another neighboring state that approved sports betting is Arkansas. In fact, its residents voted for its legalization in November 2018.

Role of Louisiana Gov in Legalizing Sports Betting

Louisiana gov sports bettingEven though state lawmakers approve sports betting, it will take some time before people gain access to it. After its approval, Louisiana Gov Edwards will sign it into law. Then each community will vote to allow sports betting or not.

Louisiana Gov John Bel Edwards wants to use all the revenues from sports gambling for early childhood education. He said that additional funding will help reduce performance gaps between poor and rich students, as well as Caucasians and people of color. He said the additional funding will help bridge that gap.

Although the governor wants the revenues to go to education, not all stakeholders share his opinion. Chairman Ronnie Jones of the Gaming Control Board wants to put part of the earning into anti-gambling addiction.

Lawmakers in the state are conducting a study on sports betting. They want to understand the industry better. Moreover, they will not introduce any bills until they completed the study. As a result, the state might not have legalized sports betting within the year. You still have time to learn how to become a bookie in Louisiana.