May is a surprisingly good month for some betting markets in the US. Normally, the start of summer means a slight dip in betting activity. With less sports events to bet on, betting activity becomes lean as well. This may be the case in Kansas, but even with the dip in handle, the market’s year-on-year performance gives Kansas Sportsbooks an incredible boost in betting activity this May.

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Kansas Sportsbooks in May

Kansas Sportsbooks See Incredible Increase in Year-on-Year BettingAccording to the latest report from the Kansas Lottery, sportsbooks recorded a $172.2 million handle this May. This means that compared to April’s handle, we are seeing a 10% dip. As mentioned earlier, this is quite common during this period. But what makes this month’s numbers remarkable is that back in May 2023, the handle was only at $120.3 million. That’s a whopping 43% increase in betting handle.

The hold percentage for the month is 9.9%, and led to $17.2 million in revenue. This is 18% higher than the same month last year. The net revenue of $9.8 million is 10% up from May 2023, even with a slight 6% dip month-on-month.

Sports Betting in Kansas at a Glance

Kansas Sportsbooks See Incredible Increase in Year-on-Year BettingKansas is one of the larger betting markets in the country. For now, sportsbooks in the state have already generated over $1 billion in year-to-date handle. Take note that for the state, June is the last month of the fiscal year. So far, the handle in record is already over $2 billion, which is way ahead of the previous year’s $1.85 billion.

Meanwhile, adjusted revenue year-to-date is 77% higher than the previous year, again pointing to an impressive growth in the local betting market. If you would like to also earn from sports betting, try out the sportsbook pay per head software and see how easy it is.


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