In the latest bookie news, we are taking a look at the betting markets across the country that are showing signs of improvement. The Iowa sports betting market is one of those, finally seeing an increase in sports betting handle for September. As most who are familiar with betting trends know, summer in the US tends to be a slow season for both sports and sports betting.

So if you want to easily monitor bets in a sportsbook when things get busy, make sure you have a good bookie software to help you. Historically, seeing an increase in handle in September signals the peak season of sports betting, so handles will continue to increase all the way through winter.

Iowa Sports Betting in September

Iowa Sports Betting Sees Better NumbersThe best monthly betting handle Iowa has seen this year was back in March. But the ever-decreasing monthly handle finally ended in August. According to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, the total monthly sports betting handle for the state is $200 million for September. This is a whopping 61% higher than August’s handle. Those looking to get a piece of the action should try out and create an online sportsbook. The $200 million for September will only increase as we move towards the end of the year.

Of course, online sports betting is the most popular channel that bettors use. 88.6% of the betting handle comes from online sportsbooks, so does 84.3% of the revenue. Meanwhile, total revenue for the month is at $25.4 million for both online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. The hold for September is at 12.6%. Aside from the sports calendar getting busier, the state continues to add operators, with one opening their sportsbook in September. Both factors could contribute to an even higher monthly handle that projections are stating for October.


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