Interstate Online Poker Bill in Michigan Gets Senate NodWhen we talk about online gambling, the variety is just as wide as you can see in any casino, even more. Popular casino games can be found, such as slots, blackjack, and more. The variety depends on what each online casino offers, which is why we have gambling software reviews to help people narrow down their options. We also have poker, which is a popular online gambling activity. So much so, that an interstate online poker bill is recently approved in Michigan.

We also have sports betting, an industry that has grown so much over the years. Before, only the big sportsbooks had their sportsbooks available online. Today, anyone can create one. So if you want to be a football bookie, you can now do this from your phone or laptop.

Interstate Online Poker Bill

But going back to the interstate online poker bill, this is the first time we are seeing any state acknowledge multistate competition. Of course, bookie PPH solutions all offer a borderless betting experience. But for state operators, the rules are different.

The interstate poker bill, Senate Bill 0991, as introduced by Senator Curtis Hertel Jr., will allow people in Michigan to compete against players from other states in the US. The bill now moves towards the House of Representatives. If this bill passes into law, then this will allow the Michigan to work with other states in terms of regulating online poker. So far, the other states that have legal online poker are Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Of course, the local gaming regulatory board will have to draft the rules governing interstate online poker. They will have to submit this, and have it approved. So if we are talking about a timeline, October would be extremely optimistic. November is a good estimate. However, a 2021 launch may actually be more practical.

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