Sports betting software providers are gearing up for March Madness. This comes as the NCAA basketball season is coming to a close. And sportsbooks, as early as now, are already getting a lot of action. Especially now that the lineup is getting clearer. Illinois sports bettors will be able to bet on the NCAA, but they will not have online sports betting yet.

Despite the best efforts to get sports betting up and running for NCAA basketball, the lack of online betting options seems very limiting to residents. Only three sportsbooks will be able to open in time for the postseason. The pickings will be quite limited, especially without much competition.

No Online Sports Betting

Illinois sports bettingWithout online wagering, and with only 3 sportsbooks, Illinois residents may find it more convenient to drive to Indiana or Iowa. Without the variety of betting options one would find in pay per head software, bettors may not be getting good value in wagers.

Given the area of Illinois, temporary licenses are only given (and accessible) in Des Plaines, Elgin, and Alton. There will be an expansion in June, with stadiums and horse tracks as ideal licensed operators.

Until they consider fast tracking mobile betting. Which won’t happen for another 18 months. They could potentially lose money that they can earn from sports betting online. Sites like Gaming911 report a huge advantage for states when they offer online wagering. The convenience and accessibility of the industry allows for a bigger market share. Of course, bigger revenues will follow. But for now, Illinois residents will have to settle for driving to any of the licensed sportsbook shops. Or driving to their nearest state border to cross over and bet on NCAA basketball.