Illinois releases their sports betting data a little later than other states, but the report is giving us good numbers. According to the report of the Illinois Gaming Board, the year-on-year numbers show an increase. Many credit the removal of the in-person registration requirement for online wagering, which helps increase sports betting activities. This requirement was in place since the launch of the Illinois sports betting market and was removed March of this year.

The total sports betting handle of the state is $564.8 million for the month of August. This is 9.4% higher than July’s handle. Even better, you will be inspired to boost your sportsbook income just like Illinois sportsbooks. The year-on-year handle for August is 41% higher than August 2021.

Illinois Sports Betting Market Continues to Grow Even More

Illinois Sports Betting Market Shows Healthy GrowthMaking it easy for your bettors to join sportsbooks and place wagers is a great way to boost activity, something clearly seen in Illinois. The year-on-year numbers since the in-person requirement was lifted has shown a significant increase in handle. This is something that you should remember when you choose a bookie pay per head solution.

Getting to know what your players want is also very important in your sportsbook business. In terms of the types of wagers made in Illinois, for instance, baseball was the sport that generates the highest handle, with $196.7 million wagers. Tennis is second at $92.1 million. Meanwhile, parlays take up $141.6 million of the wagers, so this wager type is very profitable as well. The total revenue that sportsbooks in Illinois record for August is at $47.8 million, slightly higher than July’s $46.1 million. Meanwhile, the state collected around $7.2 million in taxes for the same period.


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