One of the best things about becoming a bookie by using online sportsbook software is that you have no limits in terms of what games you can offer to your players. Wherever you are in the world, you can offer odds on local games, and you can also offer odds on foreign markets. For example, bookies who are in Asia are most likely to offer local and regional sports leagues, but the MLB and NBA are popular in Asia as well, so you can easily offer these to your players. Similarly, you can also cater to a specific sport and focus on multiple markets, such as offering the NBA, as well as the EuroLeague, and the FIBA Intercontinental Cup as well. Today, we will be focusing on one of the most popular professional basketball leagues, as we help you learn how to be a great NBA bookie.

Be a Great NBA Bookie

The NBA is one of the best leagues that bookies earn a lot from. Even during the offseason, sportbooks continue to offer betting lines on trades, drafts, and other such wagers. Since you are using a good sports betting software platform, its easier for you to do this. Lines are automatically added and adjusted. You will still need to tweak your lines based on your sportsbook’s activity, of course.

This is important because given that there are so many sportsbooks out there, you need to be stay competitive and be the more attractive option for players. Being able to offer lines early is certainly helpful. Likewise, adjusting lines based on NBA related factors is also important, as you can get more action when players see new lines, or you can avoid sharps from taking advantage of delays in fixing your lines.

NBA Betting

How to Be a Great NBA BookieOf course, the NBA is known not just for betting on the games itself, but by offering a wider array of wagers. As a pay per head bookie, you will have no shortage of the basic bets, as well as parlays. But you earn even more with prop bets. For instance, early in the season, people can already start betting on who they think will win their respective conference titles or the NBA Championship itself. You can also place bets on the all star games, the exhibition games, and more.

And since the NBA has its fair share of high-profile athletes, prop bets for each game are more popular compared to other sports. You can offer wagers whether Russell Westbrook will have more or less than 7.5 assists in a game, and so on. By offering more betting products, your sportsbook has the potential to earn more from the increase in handle. It will also help if you were to offer NBA-related promos and bonuses, to get your players excited to bet on the NBA.

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