How Does Pay Per Head WorkMany bookies and agents agree that a Bookie Pay Per Head is the best way to open a gambling operation. However, many agents are not clear on what a Pay Per Head solution is and how it helps you them.  This tutorial answers the question on How Does Pay Per Head Work and the advantages of using one.

The Pay Per Head industry began in the early 1990s when bookies wanted a cost efficient alternative for their business. This is because their gambling business would rely on the sports betting software and support staff of an existing sportsbook. In exchange for these services, they would pay a hefty monthly fee and commission to the sportsbook.

Agents found the solution when a sportsbook offered them to pay for their services per player instead of a commission. From there, several sportsbooks followed suit which led to independent operators opening their own Bookie Pay Per Head Services.

How Does a Bookie Pay Per Head Work?

A Bookie Pay Per Head service or PPH basically rents its bookie services for your players to use.  So how does a bookie PPH work for for the agent? It basically means that Bookie PPH Providers will manage and keep track of your players’ bets for a weekly fee.  The fee is charged on a per head basis which is why it is called a pay per head.

Thus, a bookie pay per head lets you operate a gambling website without having to deal with the headaches of running a sportsbook.  This is because a Bookie Pay Per Head user does not have to worry about the sportsbook infrastructure.  Instead, the bookie only has to worry about managing and expanding his bookie operation.

Today, Bookie PPH service offers its agents many features allowing them to run a full blown sportsbook. Some of these features include:.

  • Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Live Casino
  • Pre Game Lines
  • Horse Racing
  • Online casino
  • Live Casino
  • Online and Telephone wagering
  • Online Poker
  • And more…

Of course not all Bookie Pay Per Head are equal.  Some are more expensive than others while others only offer a limited number of features.  This is why we suggest you read our Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews to help you find the right service.

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