When it comes to the types of bets that you can make in a sportsbook, there are general wager types that are the same for all sports. These are the most popular wagers, like Totals, the Spread, and Moneyline betting. You can also make parlay wagers, futures, prop bets, and the like. But each sport will have wagers specific to them, or would have added terms to common wager types. When you look at your Bookie PPH software, you will be able to see the many wagers available for each sport. And if it confuses you a little bit, our tutorials are here to help you understand them. Today, we will talk about basic hockey bets.

A Quick Primer on Hockey

Hockey is very popular in a lot of countries, such as the US, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, and other northern European countries. Of course, Ice hockey is immensely popular in Canada, where the sport was created back in 1875.

Currently, the National Hockey League (NHL) is considered to be the largest and most popular professional league in the world. A lot of those who are into sports betting earn a lot from NHL betting. And since the current season has already started, its only apt that we talk about the bets you can see on NHL games in sportsbook software such as the Bwager betting software.

A Guide to Basic Hockey Bets

  • Guide to Hockey Betting: Basic Hockey BetsMoneyline. Of course, you have the moneyline bet, which is the most popular wager in NHL betting. You basically place a wager on who will win the game. Here, many NHL bettors tend to look at the goalie, particularly the save percentage and the goals against average for goalies to see the possible outcome of a game.
  • Puck Line. The Puck line is a goal spread wager, very similar to the run line in baseball. Here, you make a wager on a 1.5 goal spread. In this wager type, betting $110 on either the favorite or the underdog will get you $100.
  • Totals. The totals wager for hockey is based on the total number of goals scored in a game, similar to any sport type.
  • Grand Salami. The Grand Salami is a popular bet for hockey bettors. It is basically a Totals wager, but it covers the total goals for the whole day. So if you have 6 games that day, then you will need to keep track of the goals for all 6 games.
  • Live Betting. Hockey is a very exciting sport to watch live, which makes it a prime live betting favorite in sportsbooks.
  • 60 Minute Line. This is a bet that is similar to the moneyline, but only covers the 3 periods and the tie option. So you can bet on a team to win in 60 minutes, or tie at the end of this period. This wager has greater odds than the moneyline, but has more risk if the game carries on to overtime.
  • Prop Bets. Of course, Prop bets are a popular option in any sportsbook, across all sport types.
  • Parlays. Of course, what sportsbook will offer hockey betting without parlays? Here, you have a series of wagers on multiple outcomes that have to occur to win a wager. In typical parlay fashion, risks are higher, but the payouts are larger.
  • Futures. Futures wagers are easier to manage, thanks to the innovations in betting software development. IT allows you bet far into the outcome of a sports league season well in advance. In a hockey context, you can place a wager on the Stanley Cup even before the season starts.


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